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Access To Your Market

Accelerating business via access to commercial resources


Acceleration Services

Business Funding

Most businesses looking to scale need the proper funding for growth. We can help to prepare a business for growth and find the right partners and investors to make it happen.

We are the partner in terms of preparing the business case, finding investors and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Business Management

When a business has unleashed potential, we assist the management in utilizing this opportunity for growth and higher profits.

We can take an active role in the company with specialists that have many years of experience with business management and leadership.

Business Acceleration

When the strategy is outlined we produce actionable business plans including tactical and operational planning.

Based on this we support the business with commercial team members including leadership, management, and marketing and sales resources ensuring an increased customer base.


Profit from your efforts

A start-up or an existing company working with theView should know its core business, but every business has its strengths and weaknesses.

Most of businesses who fail do it due to lack of business experience and commercial execution power. This is what theView Ventures offers to compensate in the businesses we take part in.

To ensure business growth, acceleration and profit for either expansion or an exit, theView Ventures will be your partner. We thereby increase the probability of success.


A Complete Team

With the right team, the chances of success increases dramatically. We can complete the team by providing experienced management, marketing and sales specialists.

Our business acceleration platform will help a business to rethink and optimize the strategy, products and services, and we will be an active part of the business.

We complete the team with a continuous involvement that can provide the missing commercial activity and results.


Accelerating Business

Analysis of the business history, customers, products and services is the starting point. It uncovers relevant aspects of the case, and gives us the insights required to accelerate the business.

The business case will be manifested into a strong strategy and relevant execution plans.

Via our own specialists and an extensive network we stay on the case, providing funding, partnerships and a commercial team to implement the growth plan.


Funding and market access for startups


Business opportunities for investors

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