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Funding & Market Access

Funding for start-ups with high growth potential


Startup Services

Business case

We help our start-ups optimize the business case, including value proposition, market validation, business model and budget as well as the plan for marketing and sales.

A start-up will benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience, when their idea is commercialized, documented and packaged in a presentation that is attractive to investors.

Business Funding

We match start-ups with the right investors. We work together with a broad range of investors within the public and private sector which includes accelerators, VCs, business angels and capital funds.

We take an active role in the funding and negotiation process, to help the business case excel and be as strong as possible in order to obtain funding.

Business Acceleration

Our business acceleration services ensure our start-ups a complete execution task force as we take an active role on a management and/or commercial level.

We help you manage and implement your start-up. This includes developing the strategy, operational planning, management, marketing and sales leading to growth and internationalization.


Capital and brains

We ensure funding for early staged start-ups and work with dedication to make them successful.

Our highly experienced team of investors, mentors and partners minimizes the risks of failure.

We have a passion for being game changers and expanding business. We love fast-paced growth, technology start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs. We offer them access to a full package of commercial resources.


High probability for success

To find capital for start-ups is, in most cases, very difficult. It requires a solid business case, a very strong team and access to the right people.

This is where theView Ventures can step in, optimize and validate a business case, become the missing link in the team and provide access to investors.

Together with us, a start-up is positioned much stronger and will out-perform competitors in the booming start-up market.


The right pitch grants access

The first step is presenting the idea, concept and business case to us. It has to be scalable with a good chance to internationalize within the first 12-24 months.

We will commercially optimize and validate the business case. In cooperation with the founding partners, we will make the best possible investor presentation.

When the business case is solid, we will present it to investors and participate in the pitch sessions.


Acceleration of business ventures


Business opportunities for investors

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