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Funding & Investment

More customers

Marketing & Sales

NZiNCK and TheCltr is part of theView

NZiNCK is now fully integrated into theView, making us capable of executing marketing campaigns as a full-blooded agency with our own studios and digital expertise mastering all types of media production.

Furthermore, our strategic alliance with theCLTR positions theView as a global communication agency, working in the space between market insights, culture, creativity and business development, enabling us to help our clients navigate international markets.

All-in-all theView is now offering our clients a complete commercial umbrella with focus on branding, customer acquisition and business expansion.

Access Your Market

For Companies With Growth Ambitions

Being able to both create the growth plan, translate it into actual execution, and secure funding for the process is unique, but that is exactly what we do every day! We have specialized in the two channels for growth capital and revenue, namely through investment and customer acquisition.

At theView you get access to businesspeople, project managers, sellers and marketing specialists, proprietary media bureau and an extensive vendor network. All of this comes together to serve as your one stop shop, fully focused upon commercial activities including business leadership and management, marketing, sales, fundting and investment. This gives you access to a complete commercial task force, working on behalf of your company from day one.

Maybe what you need is just one simple, focused solution, or maybe you are looking for a partner for your journey. Either way, we are here to help.

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Expand your business

We Build And Grow Companies

Define a strong business case, acquire sufficient funding, make a solid plan, market and sell the products, keep accelerating the business and generate profits. Then sell the company to get return on the investment, or keep it for further profits. This is, in essence, our passion and what we strive to achieve in our daily work - always on behalf of you and your company!

More Revenue - Customer Acquisition

theView Agency delivers commercial development of your business, including leadership, planning and execution of marketing and sales activities.

We develop a commercial strategy and the plans to support it in close collaboration with you. If these already exist we know how to read and understand them, and act upon them. Results are created from targeted activities, carried out by specialists. We provide everything, from compensating for a single weak link in your value chain to acting as your company's full-featured marketing and sales department.

More Capital - Business Expansion

theView Ventures is able to provide funding acquisition for growth businesses and attractive business cases for investors.

Together with our clients we develop comprehensive business plans suitable for securing growth and expansion funding. We work with investors to validate investment and growth potential. All our services are based on engagement, years of experience, team efforts and a strong international network. We take part in the entire process, from preparing an investor deck, through due diligence and business documentation to investment or exit negotiation support and agreement finalization.


Company Presentation


A Network For Business People

theView Business Club is a professional network for business people focused upon growth and development. Build relations with other commercial profiles, expand your network and get access to an extensive, relevant audience. 


A Specialist Division With Experience

HOMERUN by theView has three decades of experience in video and film production. Today they are an integrated part of our company, available to provide you with effective advertising and business communication.

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