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Marketing Execution

Your marketing task force

Marketing activities producing leads and branding our clients


Marketing Services

Marketing Management

The Marketing Directors’ are central players in the organization. They plan communication, lead marketing resources, coordinate production and interact with management and sales.

They are available for a single assignment, per project or as interim team members.

Marketing Execution

Our Marketing Agents’ execute specialized tasks, ranging from single assignments to operating as full marketing department.

Task examples are graphics, films, copywriting, website and app production, SEO, social media, news flows, news mails and POS materials


Customer Relations For You

Our Task Force delivers marketing management, visual identity and customer communication. The work includes branding, marketing campaigns and ongoing interaction both online and offline.

The activities always evolve around creating awareness of our clients and producing leads for their sales functions.

This work can require a broad spectrum of specialists available from theView Agency and our specialized network of sub-contractors, partners and freelancers.


Doing it right the first time

Marketing should make the company visible and introduce potential customers to relevant products and services.

When this is done with a company’s strong strategy as a guideline, it is possible for the sales function to excel. It allows aligned marketing activities to support chosen objectives and ensure a cohesive communication, packaged with an outstanding and unified design.

With business and sales insights, the Marketing Task Force has many years of experience in tackling these challenges.


Engaging is key

On a daily basis the Marketing Task Force is ensuring clients and their products are visible to customers and are communicating with these customers.

We will engage clients by producing marketing plans. Starting with one way communication (monologue), we always work towards creating customer engagement leading to reaction and two way interactions (dialogue).

The outcome is a base of contacts for conversion to sales leads. 


Specialists generating turnover by executing sales


Executives increasing your revenue stream and profits

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