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Your Investment Partner

Matching investors with scalable business opportunities

Matcher investorer med skalerbare forretnings-muligheder


Investor Services

Business Funding

Our experienced team will validate the business case to ensure the best possible investor match. It is possible to invest in a portfolio as well as in a specific company.

Our deal flow consists of start-ups and established companies, all with a high growth and/or game changing potential.

Business Acceleration

Our business acceleration includes management, marketing and sales. As an investor you can be assured that we will take an active role in the company.

We will provide the missing links in the start-up or established company and develop business plans and deliver the outputs.

Business Exits

As an investor you are looking for the right timing and right buyer to ensure the maximum profit from your investment.

We support the exit process, prepare the right materials, the business case, contact buyers, take an active part in negotiations and support closing the deal.


Cases With Power To Excel

The business cases that we provide have been validated by experienced business people.

We do not aim for their success through an educational program. We select qualified business cases backed by passionate people. These cases are commercially optimized and validated before they are offered to investors.

Once a business case achieves funding we take an active role in deploying it. Our primary focus in the acceleration process is leadership and commercial facilitation as we pull the business onto the market.


A Higher Success Rate

Our role is not limited to the board or top management like most other venture, incubator or accelerator companies.

theView Ventures takes an active role in our portfolio companies.

We offer leadership, management support, as well as sales and marketing facilitation to the companies that we have shares in. This ensures the investor a lower risk and more insight and control. It also limits the risk of failure since our team and network consists of experienced business people.


The Right Match

As an investor at theView Ventures you can invest in a portfolio or in a specific start-up or an established company. With us, investors will find interesting high growth investment opportunities. We have a concept that supports passive investors as well as active investors.

Based on the investor’s criteria for investment we deliver a matching case. If the investor agrees to receive further information, we arrange relevant meetings, present and document the case, and introduce the key people.

Should we decide to proceed together, we offer access to acceleration resources.


Acceleration of business ventures


Funding and market access for startups

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